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Just MeBandar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia11 hrs ago

There are alot of arguments about Tibet’s history & whether Tibet is part of China.  Depending on where one stands, the whole issue is always subjective to argument.  Anyway I would like to post this statement taken & copied from Wikipedia which was written by Sir Robert Hart (an Englishman & not from CCP, mind you……).

“It is clear from the evidence that early in the eighteenth century, while America was still a colony of Great Britain, The Emperor of China was the overlord of Tibet. The Ch’ing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) sent a Chinese governor to Lhasa in 1724. In 1726 Tibetan feudal princes acknowledged the Chinese Emperor as the paramount authority in Tibet. Due to this acknowledgment, these princes were allowed to rule their territory as an autonomous region”.



“In addition, the history between China and Tibet goes back before the Ch’ing Dynasty to the seventh century (T’ang Dynasty, 618-906 AD) when ‘peaceful’ Tibetans were making raids into China. (After all, Tibet didn’t convert to a peaceful form of Buddhism until after the thirteenth century.) In the ninth century, China entered into treaties with Tibet on a mutual basis to bring an end to these raids”.



“In 1246, The Yuan Dynasty of China (Genghis Khan, the Mongols, 1277-1367 AD) invaded Tibet and occupied it. The Tibetans eventually rebelled like they are doing today. As a matter of fact, it was a Mongol that set up the first Dalai Lama as the sort ruler of Tibet. After the Yuan Dynasty was driven out of China, the Ming Dynasty (1368-1643 AD) liberated Tibet from the Mongol Tribes that continued to occupy the plateau. The Ming Dynasty troops were hailed as liberators by the Tibetans much like Americans were hailed as liberators in Iraq. However, the same problems America faces today in Iraq became a problem for the Chinese in Tibet during the thirteenth century”.

Note —  Last but not least, I love his argument with this parting shot…..

 “To say that China has no claim over Tibet is the same as saying America has no claim over any of the lands taken from the American Indians after and before the American Civil War in the nineteenth century. Do you think America would agree to give that land back to the American Indians? The only difference is that China occupied and ruled over Tibet before Europeans discovered the Americas.”


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